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Satin Sheets Romance: Susan B. Anna's Satin Sheets Romance Review of Hau...

Thanks so kindly for the wonderful review of Haunted Shadows...

Satin Sheets Romance: Susan B. Anna's Satin Sheets Romance Review of Hau...: Title:  Haunted Shadows by Candace Sams, Dani-Lyn Alexander & Denise Moncrief Genre: Paranormal Romance Suspence Publisher: ...

Sunday, November 18, 2012

So my friend Darlene Henderson tagged me in a post. I guess we want people to look because that’s the game. You find the word look in your work in progress (WIP) and you post an excerpt around it. So here’s my bit from the story with the working title of Choices

Rachel turned to look over her shoulder. The man who crossed the room was gorgeous. Her heart skipped a beat when he smiled at her, but then she’d seen him have that effect on a lot of women.

“Why don’t you guys go ahead and get out of here. I can finish up.” Although they’d all been surprised by Lou’s offer, none of them had argued with him. It was late, they’d been on their feet for hours, and they were exhausted.

No one hesitated; they grabbed their belongings and made a beeline for the door. Rachel was the last in line and, as she headed out, Lou stopped her.


She should never have looked back over her shoulder that night and, if she had the chance to do it again, she would without a doubt keep walking.

But on that night, in that time, she did look back.

“Would you mind staying for a few minutes?”
Thanks so kindly for tagging me, Dani-Lyn Alexander!
This is Candace Sams, responding with a very great interest in your blurb. The title - Choices -certainly looks interesting and I'm looking forward to it!!!'s my excerpt using the word 'look'... it's from a brand new title, as yet to be released and currently sitting at Harper Collins. This new title is tentatively called Alignment.
Glancing to her left, Officer Kerry Blaine saw kids from the tiny community high school. They were standing on the adjacent pasture which served as a football field. The looks on their faces could only be described as fearful and anxious. Many of the teachers were with them.
She recognized Mr. Colter, her physics teacher from ninth grade, and waived at him. He returned the gesture but then vigorously pointed toward the main office building and shook his head. It was almost as if he was warning her.
She took several booted strides in his direction while pulling her cowboy hat lower to block the late autumn wind. A call from her supervisor stopped her in her tracks.
So that's my blurb for Alignment.
Who's next in line to post their work-in-progress excerpt containing the word 'look'?

Next rule tag five more writers.

Have fun Y’all

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Not Now...Mommy's Reading: Haunted Shadows by Candace Sams, Dani-Lyn Alexande...

A new review for this haunting anthology...

Not Now...Mommy's Reading: Haunted Shadows by Candace Sams, Dani-Lyn Alexande...: Buy Link When it comes to anthologies I've never been a huge fan. Although I like a short story every now and again, I've always felt a...

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New Release, June 1, 2012

From author Candace Sams and The Wild Rose Press.

Dark Sins, Night Watchers, Book 2
Skord Shorner once lived his life according to chivalric codes. For him, honor is the only thing that matters—until the Night Watch Agency partners him with a beautiful Irish woman to retrieve a magic relic he's been after for almost two centuries.
Ruled by her love of family, Chalyce Duncan is certain Skord will never understand the reasons behind her duplicity. Her heart may yearn for the proud man who's now her partner, but if he learns why that magic object is so important to her, he'll destroy everything she treasures.
The mission must come first. But somewhere in the night…between deceit and duty…truth waits. And there's evil stalking them that may thwart their responsibilities, and destroy what small hope they have of ever being together.

In print now and coming to E-book format; Dark Sins is available in all major bookstore outlets!

Rating: Sensual
Page Count: 322
Word Count: 93396
978-1-61217-208-8 Digital
978-1-61217-207-1 Paperback


“Look at me, Chalyce.”

She’d kept her eyes averted, afraid of the passion she knew he’d see. “We have to keep our minds on business.”

“Look at me.” he commanded again.

She raised her face.

"Deine augen sind so blau wie saphire.”

Translated roughly, he’d just told her that her eyes were as blue as gemstones. “I understood you. I speak German, too.”

“There’s more I’d say…in the proper setting. I picture a soft bed, candlelight, and music playing in the background. Then I’d whisper things a beautiful woman like you should always hear.” He lowered his voice to a level no soul on earth could hear but another vampire standing so close. “I’d thrust into you over and over until pleasure overwhelmed us both. I’d take you a dozen different ways before dawn, then sleep with you on my chest until night came again. You’ve had me wanting you from the first time I saw you. Did you know that?”

“Stop it. God…please stop,” she begged.

“Not until we explore this attraction between us, Chalyce. It’s there and won’t be denied.”

The thunder began to roar again outside the cave. She sensed the rogues leaving in an angry, agitated state of confusion, but was too enraptured by the man before her to recognize the unusual nature of their retreat.

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For The Least Among Us

Hardly a day goes by without animals bearing the brunt of our anger.

It seems odd that one can get on the internet and find thousands of instances where a creature will coexist peacefully with another - even though the species have nothing in common or are reputed enemies. We can see actual footage of a dog nursing a baby pig, or a cat cuddling a duck. But we, who put ourselves above every living thing, see humans of different colors or beliefs and decide we can't suffer their presence. And when a person behaves inappropriately, we say he or she is acting 'like an animal'.

Of the beings that exist on earth, only one is capable of war, bigotry or hate. Only one creature goes out of its way to hurt another by engaging in gossip or maliciousness. We've learned how to say the most vile things about each other and avoid the consequences by using aliases. That kind of cunning is relegated to humankind. It exists nowhere else.

We still hold ourselves above all other life forms.

Somewhere today, someone will beat a dog. Some child who hasn't been taught to care for life will lock a creature in some cage and leave it to starve slowly. A human being will find amusement in torturing some stray or running it down with an automobile. Unspeakable acts will be perpetrated against a puppy, kitten, bird or reptile. This won't happen in some country where we can't do anything about it. It will take place in some home on your block, or in your neighborhood. Those who do such things don't just hurt the creatures. They make less of us all. Every time this happens, we lose part of our humanity. It makes cruelty easier to accept. Such actions have become so commonplace that we turn the page of our newspapers with a muttered, "that's a shame". Then we go on with life.

Yet we still hold ourselves above all other life forms.

Not so long ago, humans put six million other humans in gas chambers. It took decades for the world to admit such horrors ever happened. And though thousands of our servicemen and women saw it with their own eyes, some still deny it ever took place. But in our arrogance…we  hold ourselves above all other life forms. Because we have the ability to speak, and we have greater intelligence, we justify our actions. Again…we hold ourselves above all other life forms.

But there are those among us who, despite growing callousness and cynicism, show better hearts. I offer an example of what can happen when we only try a little harder.

While looking out the window a few weeks ago, I saw a little girl and a small boy walking side by side. They were talking in an animated fashion, probably reliving some part of their day. It appeared they were coming home from school as they were carrying book bags and lunch boxes. The pair couldn't have been more than nine years old.

Suddenly, they ran forward several yards and stooped to look at something on the road. They picked up whatever they saw and walked to a wooded area nearby. Once there, they bent over and appeared to deposit something on the ground. After a moment, they walked away and didn't look back.

Curious about what was going on, I let the children stroll by my house then went outside to investigate what they'd done. I suspected something odious. What other reason could there be for their strange actions than they were up to something? What I discovered made me change my attitude.

Together, these two little kids had decided to move a rare ground tortoise off the road so it wouldn't get hit by a car. No one told them to do it. They never hesitated in this small act of kindness and likely never bragged about it. There was no sense of their having done it for any other reason than it was the right thing to do.

In that simple act, the spark of humanity shone. By their actions, those children displayed compassion. They seemed to understand that we are not alone in this world…that none of us is ever alone…and that the most innocuous, small life is precious.

April has been designated Prevent Animal Cruelty month. It would be nice if those of you who could afford to do so gave a few dollars to an animal welfare organization. Perhaps you can forgo one pizza or a six-pack of beer and set that money aside for this event.

Using those children as an example, there are things we can do every day that require little or no money. If you can, leave out a bowl of fresh water for birds or for strays that might need a cool drink. Don't throw away old blankets, sheets or towels. Take them to a shelter where a frightened animal might be comforted by soft, clean bedding. Maybe you could add a bag of cat litter or pet food to your grocery list and take these to a humane center. You might volunteer your time at a neuter clinic or shelter.

But the greatest act of kindness any of us can ever perform is to respect the lives of other creatures. Pass on this respect to your children. We have everything to gain.

Animals give us joy and offer us love. They have no hidden agendas or axes to grind. In them we can see the profound wonder of life. They aren't deserving of being left in the backyard once the cuteness has worn off. They aren't deserving of being ignored when they get older and can't chase that ball any longer. They don't deserve to be hurt just because we're bigger and stronger and we own them. They aren't just possessions. They're living, breathing entities with feelings.

Even when they've been removed from the most horrifying conditions and are in terrible torment,  animal control officers say they'll look up at you with adoration in their eyes. It's like they're asking…what did I do wrong…why did someone hurt me? 

It is difficult to understand why people do what they do. But if the coldhearted nature of  some human beings continues, we may not be able to recover. Each generation seems to pass on a lack of care and empathy to another.

Animals that have nothing in common can exhibit compassion while we seem incapable of it and can't rise above petty and even dangerous behavior. In this respect, we are not the higher life forms.

Those children walking on the road learned what a lot of us haven't. There's more to life than just us and our needs. We don't live in some vacuum to the exclusion of everything else. What happens to the creatures of this world could forecast our future. If we can't treat them with dignity when they're helpless and can't fight back, how much worse will we treat each other as cruelty becomes commonplace?

Every time we show kindness, we get closer to reaching our potential. The animals of this world  keep trying to teach us. All we have to do is look with better eyes.

But if you can't help and don't care…if it's too much trouble to put out a bowl of water or take some food to the shelter and such acts are not worth your time…please don't make the world worse by turning away. Don't make less of us by letting cruelty go unpunished.

Please report those who hurt animals.  

For those who have no voice…for the least among us…please