When to Hire a Divorce Attorney

With around 50 percent of marriages ending in divorce, you may be wondering if many of those divorces were not even necessary. Is it possible that some marriages could have been saved with some reasonable compromise from both sides? Just when is the right time to hire a divorce attorney?

Common Reasons for Divorce

Physical / Sexual Abuse

The most obvious reason for seeking a divorce is when one spouse, children, or stepchildren are being physically or sexually abused by the other spouse. When a married partner gets out-of-control with this kind of serious abuse, it’s time to find protection from the abuser and seek help from a trusted family member, close friends, and government authorities. If the abusing spouse is denying he or she has a problem and is resisting any type of counseling or help to resolve the problem, then it’s probably time to interview divorce attorneys to put an end to the abusive marriage.


It’s hard for any married person to imagine his or her spouse being sexually involved with another person. After all, both spouses were supposed to be madly in love with each other when they made the decision to spend the rest of their lives together and start a family. During a marriage, both men and women can develop the urge to stray away from their spouse and look for another sexual partner. When this happens, love for a spouse usually dries up and the marriage Is doomed. When there’s no hope to save the marriage, it’s time to contact a divorce attorney.

Irreconcilable Differences

Using irreconcilable differences as a reason to divorce should not be taken lightly. Every married couple is going to have differences of opinion or choice about many everyday situations. The best way to solve these differences is to carefully analyze each spouse’s choice, weigh the pros and cons of those choices, and make a compromise on which choice is best. However, sometimes those differences can be so strong that compromise is not possible. Serious may differences include intimacy, disciplining children, religious beliefs, and more. If differences are irreconcilable, it may be time to call a divorce attorney.

A Wholesome Marriage

Getting married should not be about personal satisfaction or enslaving a partner in a meaningless relationship. Couples today need to understand that marriage is about a deep love for one another that should last a lifetime. They should go on to raise children in a loving and caring home and teach them what love and family life is all about. If every married couple does this, it would force divorce attorneys to find a new area of law to practice, of which I'm sure they wouldn't mind doing this at all.