Ready for a Paint Job?

Paint provides a level of beauty and protection to your house. It comes in every color imaginable and can be formulated for use on exterior surfaces, interior surfaces, and special applications.

DIY or Hire a Professional Painter

Understand What's Involved

Painting your house is more than just buying a can of paint and a paintbrush. In fact, most of the work involved with painting is the prep work. Preparing the surface to be painted involves cleaning, sanding, scraping, filling holes and cracks, and planning out the job before you start.

Know What To Do

Interior surfaces, usually drywall in most homes, can get dirty from smoke, cooking oil, dust, and simple grime from the kids. If these substances are not cleaned or removed from the surface before painting, they may bleed right through the new paint causing an unsightly paint job.

Do The Job Right

Exterior painted surfaces such as stucco and wood or metal trim, can get weathered from the sun, wind, rain, and snow. This condition may cause the paint to peel off or get chauky when touched. It's highly important that exterior surfaces are properly cleaned and prepped before painting.

Hire a professional house painter.

Professional painting companies employ highly experienced painters who know and understand paint. They will choose the right type of paint to use for all the different types of surfaces that are inside and outside your home. They also know how to prep the surfaces before painting to ensure that the new paint will last for years to come.